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Alpha Omega Epsilon?


You should join A.O.E. if you’re looking for a group of girls who understand the struggles and hardships women in STEM go through. These girls have been my support system for the past year. We help each other in all the aspects of college, from class scheduling to building a resume to finding a top to wear out. You should join A.O.E. for the amazing group of girls that make up the sorority.

Favorite Memory: Watching The Hunger Games at Cabin Weekend

- Lesly Chavez (Senior)

The best part about A.O.E. for me is how everyone has a chance to be involved, and there’s so much inclusivity amongst the girls. I know that I can talk to or hang out with almost any sister and have a great time, and I love that. I’ve found some of my now closest friends through the sorority and I am so so grateful for that. I was nervous to join A.O.E. as an upperclassmen, but I have absolutely zero regrets!!

Favorite Memory: Spring 2022 Date Party

- Rae Mikula, (Junior)
Chemical Engineering


You should join Alpha Omega Epsilon because it is a great way to meet other girls who have similar interest and goals as you. Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional, philanthropic, and social sorority which allows individuals to grow. A.O.E. promotes women in engineering and stem fields giving everyone opportunities for leadership, friendship, and professionalism. This sorority builds unbreakable bonds and creates career developments. If that’s what you are looking for, then A.O.E. is for you.

Favorite Memory: Competitive Games

- Malika Arifova (Sophomore)
Computer Engineering

The fact that it is both a professional and social sorority is so special. My sisters are such as inspiration to me as well as a great resource to succeed academically. At the same time, all the sisters are also amazing people outside of their studies, and hanging out with them is a great way to escape from the stress of school.

Favorite Memory: Cabin Weekend

- Ellen Bobo (Junior)


A.O.E. has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and academically and really challenged me to push myself. I've made so many good friends and gained valuable leadership experience over the past 2 years. My life really would not be the same without A.O.E.!!

Favorite Memory: Getting Dinner before Chapter with my Family!

- Kay Pierce (Junior)

If you’re looking for a consistent support system to help you through STEM while keeping you social and active in the community, Alpha Omega Epsilon is for you. It took me a while to get used to the idea that everyone in the chapter would be there for me; it was overwhelming and a bit scary. The first time I really realized that every person in A.O.E. looks out for you in a really genuine way was at cabin weekend. We really had the opportunity to be vulnerable with each other, and our friendship was really solidified that weekend.

Favorite Memory: Cabin Weekend

- Katie Davis (Senior)


You should join A.O.E. because of the support system this sorority offers. I have always felt supported and cared for by my sisters, and I know they will always have my back. After joining A.O.E., I always have a group of sisters to study with in my classes and learn about new opportunities in our field!

Favorite Memory: 20 in 20 Ritual Event

- Veronica Hafner (Senior)

I believe people should join A.O.E because it’s given me a home outside of home. All the women inspire me, and I am glad I have a positive environment to surround myself in. Being a woman in STEM is hard, but A.O.E. makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

Favorite Memory: Cabin Weekend :))

- Kala Perry (Junior)


A.O.E. is a supportive group of ambitious women who enjoy spending time together and continuing to grow together in all walks of life. I believe everyone, especially college students, need an established support system, people they can trust and depend on, and friends to enjoy life together, and A.O.E. has been just that and even more for me!

Favorite Memory: Supporting Fellow Sisters and Football Games

- Anna Beth Malone (Senior)
Chemical Engineerings with a VolsTeach minor

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