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Recruitment Fall 2020

If you missed our fall recruitment but still want to join, we will be hosting another recruitment in the spring. Recruitment will last two weeks in early February and is a great way to interact with current sisters and learn more about the sorority. We hope to see you all there! Check out our poster from the fall with some of our past events!

Spring 2021 Recruitment

Interested in joining Alpha Omega Epsilon? We will be hosting our spring recruitment in early February. Recruitment will last two weeks with events 7-8:00PM EST on Tuesday February 2nd, Thursday February 4th, and Monday February 8th. We will then conduct interviews on Wednesday February 10th and a bid day celebration, if invited, on Friday February 12th. Locations and details of events will be posted here soon. Hope to see you all there! 


Check out details from our fall recruitment and see if you are eligible to join by clicking here.

If eligible and interested in attending spring recruitment, please join our potential new member Groupme by clicking the button below: 

Fall 2023 Recruitment

Fall 2023 Recruitment is closed!

 Check for updates about info on Recruitment for Fall 2024! Also follow our Instagram @aoetennessee to keep up with what our sisters are up to!

Still have questions? We have answers!


Alpha Omega Epsilon welcomes all women at the University of Tennessee studying or interested in technical sciences and engineering. To be eligible to join, new members must have a GPA greater than or equal to 2.7 on a 4.0 scale and cannot be affiliated with any other social or professional greek organizations that are associated with the Professional Fraternal Association or the National Panhellenic Council.  

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Joining Alpha Omega Epsilon

Before joining Alpha Omega Epsilon as an initiated member, interested Potential New Members (PNMs) must go through our Fall Recruitment process through which they may be offered a bid, and if accepted, they will go onto complete a 6-week candidacy period to show growth in the three pillars of the sorority before becoming initiated.


How often does Alpha Omega Epsilon hold Recruitment?

Currently, the sorority holds Recruitment once a year during the Fall. We do not offer a Continuous Open Bidding process for PNMs to join the sorority outside of Recruitment.


What does Recruitment consist of/what does the process look like? 

Recruitment consists of three days of events centered around our pillars (sisterhood, professionalism, and philanthropy). During these three days you will have conversations with current members. Throughout this process you will expect to see what it is like to be a part of our STEM sorority through the events we host during recruitment. After the three days of recruitment events you will go through the interview process. Interviews typically last 30 minutes, and you will be asked questions about yourself and questions centered around our pillars. We hope that throughout the course of recruitment you get the experience of what it is to be in Alpha Omega Epsilon to see if we are the right fit for you!


Do I need to attend every single Recruitment event?

No! It is not required to attend all events, but still highly encouraged. All recruitment events are intended to help interested individuals connect with members of Alpha Omega Epsilon through the events planned around our pillars (sisterhood, professionalism, and philanthropy). Attending events helps current sisters become familiar with you. 

Is there a dress code for recruitment?

There is no dress code! You can come in whatever you are comfortable in. Some events like our PJ & Ice Cream social or Bid Day have fun themes you can dress up to, but wear what makes you feel confident & comfortable!

    Check out our past recruitment events    
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Fall 2022

Fall 2021

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Spring 2021

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Fall 2020

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